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Mu Wood Installation Guidelines


MU wood tiles can be used on floors, walls and backsplashes, but like any wood product should NOT be used in a wet location with constant, long-term exposure to water. MU should not be used as a tub or shower surround, installed directly against a tub or shower dam, nor in the first 6-8 inches of floor space in-front of a tub or shower as those areas tend to be constantly wet. Occasional water exposure, such as a kitchen backsplash, is acceptable.
All Mu wood tiles are pre-soaked for several hours in a penetrating sealer and then finished in a matte urethane top coat. No additional sealing or finishing is needed unless used in an area exposed to dampness, such as steam in a shower area. For installations in damp locations you may wish to add a finish coat of urethane to the front and edges of the wood.

While MU is generally not affected by changes in temperature or humidity, just like other hardwood floor products, MU should be delivered to the job site to acclimate for several days prior to installation.
MU wood tiles should be installed on a solid, non-flexible, non-water absorbing substrate, such as GoBoard, DensShield Tile Backer or other similar product, to avoid warping of installation. 
Do NOT use cement based adhesives to set "MU" wood.
To adhere, use epoxy based thinset, such as Laticrete Latapoxy 300 or equal. A modified wood adhesive, such as Gorilla Construction Adhesive or Liquid Nails -Wood Projects Construction Adhesive (Low-VOC) (LN-740), may be used as substitute.
A 3/16" V-Notch trowel should be used to gauge coverage behind the tiles. We recommend using a disposable trowel.
Cuts to MU wood require a standard carpentry wood saw or sliding mitre saw. Use a finish carpentry blade or continuous rim blade. Do not use a wet saw to cut this product.
If grouting a Mu wood installation, use only an Epoxy based grout such as Laticrete Spectralock Pro or equal. Do NOT use cement based or urethane grouts.
Clean like any pre-finished wood, with just a damp mop or towel. Stay away from chemicals or abrasive products that can scratch or dull the finish.