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Textile Bargello Mica Watercolors Post Turner Agate
Tozen Tresse Agate 1x4 Kitchen backsplash • Series: Sumi-e, Pattern: Large Brick, Color: Izu, Finish: Silk
Origami Nami Agate Hexagonal Series: Tozen, Pattern: 1 x 4, Color: Vanadium, Finish: Natural (used in a kitchen backsplash) • Featured in Colorado Homes Sept-Oct 2013 issue
Mizumi Rio Origami Mosaic Shibui 1 x 4
Shibui 1 x 4 Tozen Oxygen Series: Marbleized, Pattern: Mini Brick Stacked, Color: Burlywood, Finish: Pearl (used in a kitchen backsplash) • ©Kimberly Gavin Photography
Hikari Backsplash - Old Fashioned 4 x 4 tiles - Colors: Autumn, Honey and Tiger Eye with Pewter Borders Marbleized Mosaic 1 x 1 glass tiles used in a kitchen backsplash - Color: Silvermoon Pearl Rainbow Falling Water glass tiles used in a kitchen backsplash and surround - Color: Khaki Red
Tozen Tresse (1/2 x 1 & 1 x 4) Vanadium used in a kitchen backsplash Tozen Vanadium Sumi-e Ohara
Marbleized Burlywood Mizumi Tozen Marrakech
Luce Feather • Color: Sani Silk Luce 2" Hexagon Sugar Cake  
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