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Watercolors [dərˌkələrs]
origin: Middle English

1. The art of painting with watercolors, especially using a technique of producing transparent to semi-opaque colors by thinning the paint with water rather than by adding white. 

The masters of watercolor—Albrecht Durer, Georgia O'Keefe, John Singer Sargent, William Turner, and James Whistler—created nuanced paintings rich with emotion. The Watercolors ceramic collection by Lunada Bay Tile pays homage to these famous artists through varied hues. Like miniature works of art, the tiles express a handcrafted, artisanal aesthetic through carefully curated color, from delicate to vibrant. Designed for creative placement in a variety of spaces, the series is available in three formats: Picket, Post and a coordinating Liner.

Applications & Testing

Note on material: Watercolors is a high temperature fired clay suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls and low traffic residential floors, showers and steam showers. Not suitable for submerged water applications due to water absorption being greater than .05 %.


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